About Apricus-Aqua

About Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive


New to the solar water pumping market, The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is not a conventional variable frequency drive, which is used to power motors and pumps powered from the sun. The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is an intelligent power converter that adapts available solar power to the required power levels and type, needed to power conventional pumps and motors.

Designed For New World Markets

The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is designed to power any single phase or three phase motor. It can power standard induction motors or synchronous permanent magnet motors. The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is used to provide water to remote locations by using standard serviceable borehole and pump equipment, adapting DC power from a solar array to AC power to operate standard motors.

Ease Of Use

The controller provides power control, motor and pump fault detection and soft starting characteristics. The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is designed to provide these features together with ease of installation. The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive is designed with the market, customer, economic conditions, state of the art technology and years’ experience taken into consideration.

Least Intervention – Maximum Running Time

The Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive powers the pump and motor under all conditions by managing the output power necessary to protect the system components from damage and only shuts down when deemed absolutely necessary. Operation is restored automatically when normal conditions return. Diagnostic indications using universal mnemonics (pictures) keeps the user informed of the system status and when intervention is required.

The Apricus-Aqua Solar Power Water Pumping System:

Does not require you to change you existing pump and motor if you already have it and it’s been working for years

Does not make use of exotic motor and pump designs (low voltage or DC motors or pumps that do not have the nationwide backup support)

Does not require a solar specialist, dealer or importer to provide you with product and expertise

Powers normal mains borehole and pressure pumps

Accommodates any normal voltage

Is serviced by the usual pump and farming industry and

Can be powered from as little as a single solar photovoltaic panel

When do I use Apricus-Aqua ?

Apricus-Aqua is used when hassle-free borehole, pressure and transfer pump operation is required, powered from the sun. It is ideally suited to replace your mains supply for your existing pump/s and water transfer requirements. Apricus-Aqua Systems is designed to be powered either from solar only or a combination of solar power, grid power and/or generator. Installation requires a minimum amount of equipment and does not require lengthy and costly borehole, swimming pool or pressure pump replacement, simply add the Apricus-Aqua System Controller.

Where do I use Apricus-Aqua ?

Apricus-Aqua is suitable for all single and three phase borehole, surface and general water pressure applications, compatible with all borehole and other water pump installations and adaptable to residential, agricultural and other pump needs where solar powered may/is required.

Why the Apricus-Aqua ?

The Apricus-Aqua system works with standard equipment, including pumps, motors, switchgear, pressure switches, float switches and level control equipment. It is easy to install and operating conditions and diagnostics are visible on the simplified display, giving you peace of mind and warning you before you experience any damage or loss of water supply.

How it Works

The Apricus-Aqua Drive provides water in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unreliable or unavailable. The system pumps water using a DC power source such as an array of solar panels. Since the sun is only available during certain hours of the day and only in good weather conditions, the water is generally pumped into a storage tank. A level switch can be installed inside the tank to regulate the water level. The Apricus-Aqua Drive runs at variable speed to match the changing power available from the PV solar array. Variable speed operation limits in-rush or surge current during the pump/motor start-up, thus reducing wear on the motor and pumping system. A leading cause of pump motor failure is the stress applied to the motor during a full voltage start-up.

Apricus-Aqua Solar Drive Power Converter
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